“It is indeed my pleasure to inform you that the overall departmental participation in the PSES surpassed our target. At 67.4%, we placed seventh in the Government of Canada ratings. This would not have happened without the planning and effort you gave to this project at its inception. I also wish to thank you for launching This Week @ IC … Thank you for providing the leadership and professionalism that mark both these projects.”

— Nick Heseltine, Director General, Communications Branch, Industry Canada, March 31, 2006 (upon awarding Karen Allen with DG Merit Award)

“Here is your well-deserved and long-awaited award for the fabulous job you have done in introducing to Industry Canada what is now an award-winning employee newsletter. It was more than the introduction of a newsletter; it was a great internal communications initiative that still boasts readers galore.”

— Oxana Sawka, Senior Director, Communications Branch, Industry Canada, December 22, 2005 (upon conferring Karen’s team with IABC award for “This Week @ IC” newsletter)

“Karen is an excellent manager. I have never worked with a more understanding and people-oriented supervisor. She has a remarkable ability to inspire and motivate her team members to greater heights of creativity and productivity while simultaneously remaining grounded and completely approachable. She came in here and made this team her own with confidence, grace and style.”

— Corey Stevenson, an employee in Karen’s unit at Industry Canada, March 2, 2005

“Karen is an excellent communicator and team player. She always ensured that the team was briefed on information pertinent to the Internal Comms shop and to the dept. She is what I consider the 'new generation manager.' I am still amazed about how quickly she has learned Industry Canada's lines of business. She is a manager that can see the big picture, and I think there are a rare few. She is a breath of fresh air that brought new direction to a unit that had no real defined role.”

— Ivy Fortin, an employee in Karen’s unit at Industry Canada, March 1, 2005

“Just to repeat what I have said before, but I believe you have made an absolutely fabulous contribution to the RPP.”

— Anne Lawson, Executive Assistant to John Simms, Justice Canada, April 28, 2004 (referring to writing & editing support for the “Report on Plans and Priorities”)

“Karen thought she’d signed on for a manageable, if not quiet, internal communications challenge but got Firearms instead … Karen never batted an eye when she was asked to take on an assignment completely outside her area of responsibility. She showed a willingness to contribute to the team and to be flexible that was – and remains – absolutely exemplary.”

— Susan Gardner-Barclay, Director, Communications Branch, Justice Canada, May 7, 2003 (upon presenting Karen with a Communications Branch Instant Award for work on Gun Control Registry external communications)

“The purpose of this note is to convey my appreciation for the excellent support that Karen Allen provided to the Department’s release of the Public Service Survey 2002 results over the past weeks. Karen’s dedication, meticulousness, writing and project management skills ensured that the quality and timeliness of the release were first-class, despite difficult circumstances. I am particularly impressed by her ability to grasp the requirement on short notice, devise an appropriate plan of action, form effective relationships with team members, and get the job done with little direction under tight timeframes.”

— Dorothy Love, Special Advisor, Communications Branch, Justice Canada, December 12, 2002

“I know that informally, I congratulated you on the accomplishment of the completed NCPC project. I just wanted to confirm my satisfaction with your efforts in managing and coordinating the delivery of this challenging project. I believe your efforts well represented the mission of Imatics. Congratulations.”

— Rob Brooks, President, Imatics Inc., September 25, 2002 (feedback on project management of National Crime Prevention Strategy website redesign)

“Just thought I would send you a quick note to thank you again for a well organized and very informative seminar on Usability Testing. I quite enjoyed the exercises and will be reviewing our website for usability in the next little while.”

— Terry Vukman, attendee at website usability seminar Karen co-presented, July 15, 2002

“Thank you!! The site looks great and I am delighted with it! I am getting rave reviews. Thank you and your team so much for all that you have done for the festival. I really appreciate it.”

— Jennifer Fornelli, Manager, Ottawa Dragon Boat Race, December 20, 2001

“Since launching the new GO web site on February 14, we’ve received fantastic response, and you guys deserve the credit for the web site’s successful introduction. The site is getting rave reviews for its fabulous new graphic design, ease of navigation, comprehensive content, and new features … Thanks again and congratulations!”

— Velma LeBlanc, Manager, Global Operations Communications, Nortel Networks, March 8, 2001

“Since joining the Global Operations Communications group, Karen has made a consistently strong contribution to the Global Operations web site … Karen is hard working, resourceful, and displays great initiative. During 2000, she received positive feedback from many collaborators, both inside and outside Global Operations. Karen’s core competencies include strong communications skills (writing, editing, and information architecture) and project managing a deliverable.”

— Chris Trepanier, Manager, Nortel Networks, 2000 (performance review)

“Thank you for the great job you did handling the media relations for the Association of Commonwealth Universities General Conference … this conference generated more media coverage than any previous conference and this is due largely to your excellent work both before and during the conference.”

— Patrick O’Brien, Director, Carleton University, September 1, 1998

“I met with Karen today to review some of the work she is doing in our communications Dept. I was impressed with her organized approach and very impressed with her overall approach to communications – she is a good writer, has a fresh outlook and is someone we should keep track of when she leaves here.”

— Cynthia Currie, Chair, the National Farm Products Council, June 25, 1998


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