"Karen worked on consumer-focused writing projects for our Department. Although hired initially for her top-notch writing and editing abilities, Karen's strategic approach, planning experience and insight into government's inner workings made our products better, and our projects run smoothly and on schedule."

—Donna Oates, Manager, Strategic Projects, Health Canada, January 11, 2010

“Karen's contributions to the branch and the department have been remarkable. Not only does she have an excellent understanding of the importance of internal communications in an organization, but she applies it in her role as advisor and in her communications plans. Karen also applies principles of fairness, honesty and openness in the workplace. Her performance in the first six months on the job has been nothing short of superior.”

— Oxana Sawka, Senior Director, Communications Branch, Industry Canada, March 31, 2005 (performance review comments)

“Karen played a critical role as Team Leader in managing the priorities and issues coming our way … she produces high quality products, possesses excellent writing skills, provides sound strategic advice, and is clearly able to understand and draw the links with the ‘big picture’ ... Karen enjoys very good working relations with her clients. She is well respected and her advice is sought … Karen has clearly proven that she can manage a heavy workload and work under pressure. She is definitely one of my brightest and rising stars.”

— Jo-Anne Brisebois, Director, Communications Branch, Justice Canada, June 2004 (performance review comments)

“First read through: ‘WOW’ – crisp, concise, precise and – yes – interesting with a real energy and dare I say flair!! The language hits the mark in terms of style, level of vocabulary and it makes difficult concepts understandable to a non-specialized audience. I love the opening – it captures the breadth of what we do in a compelling way.”

— Catherine MacLeod, Justice Canada, September 1, 2003 (in reference to redraft of the department’s “Report on Plans and Priorities”)

“In her role as a senior internal communications advisor, Karen has already earned the confidence of many clients within the Department, who have expressed high praise for her quick grasp of the issues and her ability to produce products of a high quality, both in terms of substance and writing style. Of particular note was Karen's significant contribution to the Firearms program file. This was a file of major significance to the reputation of the Department and its senior managers…Karen worked long hours under extreme pressure, but always produced work of the highest quality.”

— Susan Gardner-Barclay, Director, Communications Branch, Justice Canada, March 31, 2002 (performance review comments)



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