*A Service Delivery Excellence report is a unique, customized document that shows you how you can attract and retain more clients by improving the way you deliver your services or products to your customers. We enter your business as a client, evaluate your competitive advantage and opportunities for improvement, and provide you with a range of low-cost recommendations to revitalize your business, improve your customer focus, and gain an edge over your competition.


Anyone can write…right?

True, anyone can pick up a pen or clack away at a keyboard. But good writing is a skill that, like any trade, benefits from proper training and years of practice. Besides, you probably have better things to do with your time, like running your business, project, team or organization.

Let The Written Edge do the heavy pen-lifting so you can focus your attention on what matters most. We can help you communicate clearly and position your product, service or message to ensure your organization’s success.

Services Provided:

  • writing and editing
  • project management
  • strategic communications planning and advice
  • corporate and employee communications
  • business marketing

Products Delivered:

  • communication plans
  • marketing plans
  • web content
  • website information architecture / content maps
  • brochures
  • fact sheets
  • newsletters
  • news releases
  • memos
  • reports
  • presentations
  • proposals
  • media lines
  • Qs and As / FAQs
  • business case studies
  • service delivery reports*

Please contact us for information on pricing. See our Portfolio for a list of clients, testimonials, awards and work samples.



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